The project involved the widening of an existing four-lane facility to a six-lane facility with one-way frontage roads within the project limits. A new overpass was constructed at 118th Ave. to allow free flow traffic on US 19. The bridge utilized box girders which required interior lighting. Traffic signals were design to accommodate the new single point interchange at 118th Ave. to minimize Right-of-Way impacts. The median consisted of barrier walls upon which standard light poles were mounted. With the widening, the open drainage was converted to a closed storm sewer system with appropriate stormwater management ponds designed to comply with SWFWMD and DEP rules. The stormwater pond designs utilized soil slurry to prevent ground water intrusion. The total length of the project is 3.14 kilometers and was initially developed in the metric system. Due to funding issues, the project was put on hold. After funds were acquired, the entire US 19 corridor was reassessed and the project was redesigned using the English system. 


Florida Department of Transportation, District Seven


Pinellas County, FL


  • Metric to US System

  • Maintenance of Traffic

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