The BES Team is providing a team of Inspectors for this $153 million project involving rehabilitation for a series of intersecting bridges connecting Interstate 84 and Route 8 in Downtown Waterbury. This project includes the construction of three temporary bridges, deck replacement for two bridges, the installation of overhead sign structures, performance of deck repairs & replacements, steel layouts & repairs, substructure layout & repairs, joint repairs, haunch repairs, PDA analysis, Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT), concrete soundings and other general repairs. Responsibilities include verification and documentation of the contractor’s compliance to the project plans and specifications. In addition, nuclear density testing of subgrade and subbase is being performed as is the inspection of various construction activities including concrete pavement repairs, HMA paving asphalt plug joints, and assisting with estimates, wage verifications, cost plus, meeting minutes, material testing, submittal review and document control.


GM2 Associates, In


Waterbury, CT


  • Construction of Temporary Bypass

  • Significant MPT and Night Work  

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