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BES takes pride in being flexible and sensitive to the ever-changing needs of a client’s project. Our innovative ability to design project-specific solutions in a timely and personal manner is a strength that our clients find useful. Our staff’s professional experience is a key factor in the long-standing relationships we have created with clients. 


Dilip Mundkur is the President of BES Inc. With over 29 years of experience, he has a strong background in highway design, ITS and traffic engineering. He has served as the engineer-of-record for traffic studies, plans, specifications and estimates for over a hundred transportation projects. These projects involved the analysis and design of pavements, traffic signal systems, ATMS applications, roadway lighting, highway signing, pavement marking, intersection improvement studies, and geometric design of highways.


Dilip has served previously as the Assistant District Traffic Design Engineer (ADTDE) for the Florida Department of Transportation, District Seven. He provided technical support and advice regarding the work program to other sections within the District, the consulting industry and Contractors, along with recommendations for geometric improvements. As Project Director, Dilip is responsible for the quality, schedule and budget of all BES projects.

A hands-on Principal of the firm, he leads his staff in the production of contract documents including plans and studies.


Gopal has over 39 years of experience in Electrical Engineering. He has a thorough knowledge of electrical equipment and Control Systems Communications. As Engineer of Record for BES Inc. Electrical plans and calculations, Gopal reviews the electrical engineering aspects of roadway lighting and ITS Design. This includes verification of voltage drop calculations, sizing of load centers and circuits, and engineering feeder conductor sizes.


Gopal has managed several electrical design-build projects for facilities, utilities, and commercial buildings. He has served on a Hurricane Mitigation committee for Hillsborough County, Florida. He has co-authored Power Systems Protection Systems report for Gas Research Institute. Gopal has taught PE refresher courses under Institute of Electrical and Electronic Institute (IEEE). He has served as an Adjunct Instructor for Electrical Power Systems, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. Gopal has received more than 800 hours of technical training from GE, Siemens, Cooper, Progress Energy, Westinghouse, Bailey controls, Honeywell, and other well-known companies.

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Troy joined BES in August 2020. Troy has a strong background in Asphalt Production and Paving as his group was responsible for acceptance of all Roadway and Sidewalk projects in both Districts One and Seven while at the FDOT. He was District Bituminous Supervisor at FDOT from April 2013 to February 2019.


He served as a Project Administrator during the Construction Phase of the Department's PE Training program on the Harden Road / Sikes Blvd. project in 2008 in conjunction with Kirby Radford. 

Troy is experienced in Asphalt Roadway Paving Issue Prevention and Resolution, Asphalt Plant Production, Scheduling of IA/IV/VT Staff and Review of Asphalt Mix Designs, and Review of Roadway Plans for Asphalt Paving Phase I to Final Plans.


Robert, with 35 years of experience, has a strong background in all aspects of highway design, including roadway, signing and marking, and Traffic Control Plans. He is accomplished in Highway Design, including Design Build, and has experience in PD&E, CEI, and Land Development.

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Navnit has over three decades of experience in managing a wide variety of projects involving road, railroad and highway bridge inspections, design, and load rating for clients throughout the New England states especially Connecticut and beyond. These projects have consisted of bridge, railroad, highway, civil, and structures inspection and design for state agencies and railroads including more than 30 highway, railroad, and bike path bridges; two railroad stations including platform and platform canopies; Connecticut Science Center – Special Inspection and over 300 bridge load ratings. Navnit has personally managed and performed inspections on over 3,000 bridges.

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KC Lim, with 34 years of highway engineering consulting experience, has extensive design and plans production skills. He has a broad range of expertise in the technical, managerial, marketing, and administrative aspects of the engineering profession. KC has designed and managed roadway facilities ranging from collectors to interstate highways and urban freeways. He has been the engineer of record on numerous transportation construction plans. 


Glenn has over 11 years of experience in the transportation data collection field. Over the course of his career, he has managed large-scale data collection efforts for FDOT, as well as multiple MPOs, counties, and cities. These have included annual data collection programs that occur over the course of several months, and single projects that require quick response and turnaround. Mr. Davis has proven experience with most technologies used in the field and proven success putting these to use for his clients.


Pragnesh has more than 9 years of experience in NBIS Bridge Safety Inspection of complex and moderately complex highway bridges, fracture critical bridges, mast arms, span poles and overhead sign support structures. In his role as a Structural Engineer for the BES Connecticut Team, he has been responsible for bridge component condition ratings, equipment coordination, execution of field inspection, quality control and development of inspection reports in compliance with National Bridge Inspection Standards and Department of Transportation Inspection Standards. His areas of expertise include all aspects of bridge inspection programs as well as co-ordination, execution of field inspection, development of inspection reports, QA/QC, and analytical skills pertaining to structural evaluation. He is proficient in AutoCAD, Autodesk, MicroStation, CPM Scheduling, ABLRFD and Blue beam software.  Mr. Joshi possesses strong technical writing skills including detailed accurate analyses as well as sound communication skills in daily interaction with Team Members.


Having had a formal education, as well as hands-on work experience in both the Architectural/Engineering and Marketing fields, Deepa possesses a unique combination of skills and a keen understanding of the Technical, Marketing and Managerial needs of the Design and Construction Industry. With degrees in Architecture, Business Administration and currently completing another in Construction Management in conjunction with her extensive work experience as a Strategic Planner, Architect and Marketing Director, Deepa brings vision to business development, client and project management and public outreach on Construction projects for the BES Connecticut arm. Deepa further excels in developing effective reporting procedures, administrative controls and targeted marketing approaches that result in the creation of an efficient, streamlined organization. Her excellent strategic-thinking, communications, problem-solving and leadership skills, combined with her knowledge of engineering and architectural codes and design and Client requirements in both the private and public sectors of the Tri-State Engineering Industries, make Deepa a valuable addition to the BES team.


Dhanraj possesses valuable knowledge in Structural, Geotechnical and Construction Management. He is proficient in STAAD PRO, ANSYS WORKBENCH, RISA 2D &3D, S-FRAME, Q-CON, PG-SUPER, Procore Construction Management, Autodesk Revit Architecture 2020 and Autodesk 3DS Max 2020. As part of the BES Connecticut Team, Dhanraj is also well versed in the BIS Bridge Safety Inspection of complex and moderately complex highway bridges.

Dhanraj completed his Masters of Science in Civil Engineering in 2020 from the University of New Haven, Connecticut. 


Doug has 38 years of experience as a Senior Designer. He is responsible for keeping design staff current with up-to-date practices of the FDOT. He has implemented interoffice training by internet based seminars; presenting the most current Electronic Standards and GeoPak design software.

Doug has an Advance MOT Certification and training in FDOT Electronic Delivery, and he demonstrates expertise in Roadway Design, Drainage Design, Signing and Pavement Marking Design, Lighting Design,

Signal and ITS Design, Project Scheduling, and Graphic Art Displays.


Anish is highly experienced in Bridge, Highway, Geotechnical, and Material Engineering and takes a professional, hands-on approach to developing engineering solutions. As part of the BES Connecticut Team, Anish is committed to assisting and leading team members in sustaining goals on infrastructures projects. Anish's specialized experience includes bridge and highway construction inspection, planning, estimating, and Quality Control. He also has extensive knowledge of AASHTO Bridge, Highway, Material codes, ConnDOT, and Idaho and other DOT standards. Anish is presently completing his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of New Haven, Connecticut.

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Durga has over five years of extensive experience to the BES Connecticut Team, having been previously involved in all phases of construction activities with the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, bridges, airfield pavements, precast, and tunnels. He excels in Quality Control, inspections and documentation, uniting to create a better production. He possesses all requisite certifications, and in particular, has extensive experience in concrete, structural masonry, and structural steel inspections.


Edwin Diaz has extensive CADD experience working on bridge, rail, and roadway. Edwin has drafted plans preparations under Microstation and AutoCad for New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey Turnpike Authority, among other entities including Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York City Transit.

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Ira serves as Project Designer at BES providing innovative designs and development plans. He is accomplished in AutoCAD Map 3D, Civil 3D, and ArcMap GIS analysis for geotechnical design and engineering projects. He has provided Civil Infrastructure design for numerous residential, commercial, and industrial projects. 


Sue is co-founder of BES Inc and has successfully managed its growth since it started operations in 2003 while acquiring transportation engineering experience. She is adept at coordinating with local agencies, compiling project documentation and reports. She has prepared quantity calculations and cost estimates for numerous transportation projects as a Senior Specialist of BES Inc.


Prior to starting BES Inc, Sue was involved in a number of ventures that included real estate acquisition and import/export of retail goods. She has also successfully managed a retail store after starting her career as a professional Chemist.


As Senior Specialist, Sue has performed investigative field reviews, and has prepared reports and cost estimates for projects. She has over 20 years of administrative experience and 11 years of engineering experience.


Julie is the Documents Coordinator at BES. She has 15 years of experience handling all aspects of administrative coordination, with a special emphasis on editing and document preparation, and she is a registered Notary Public. Her skills in proofreading, fact-checking, and detail review are frequently applied in her support of engineering teams.


Julie has experience in planning, organizing, and implementing all facets of office support management. Julie has used MicroStation to apply engineers’ markups, and she uses tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access to organize data in complex ways. She assists with marketing, document editing, utility coordination, RCI data entry, and communication coordination. Her experience includes coordination with various government agencies and meeting clients’ and teaming partners’ needs in an efficient and timely manner. She also acts as a liaison between engineers, field personnel, and governmental agencies. She is familiar with some aspects of website design and publishing, and has many practical skills in using online media.

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