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BES prepared a Traffic Technical Memorandum that suggested future geometry for this intersection. Crash data, turning movements, and approach volumes were analyzed. Signal warrant analysis and turn lane length analysis were performed to determine geometric features. The team collected all traffic counts necessary for preparing the technical memorandum. These included 72-hour approach counts including classification, eight-hour turning movement counts, and pedestrian/bicycle counts. Our staff also prepared the signal design plans per FDOT and Hillsborough County Standards and Specifications and provided assistance with the signing and pavement marking plans using AUTOTURN to set the stop bar locations and GuideSIGN to create informational signs. BES also provided the interconnect communication plan that involved splice details at various cabinets along Hutchison Road. A 24-pair, single-mode fiber optic cable was used with 12 pair drops at controllers.


Hillsborough County 


Hillsborough, FL


  • Complex Intelligent Transportation and Signals System

  • In-Depth Traffic and Signal Pattern Analyses

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