BES is part of the team for this large Hillsborough County widening project. As a Subconsultant to HW Lochner, BES is providing CEI management services, roadway and ITS/Signalization inspection, and field materials testing. The project involves widening Bell Shoals Road from a two-lane roadway to a divided four-lane roadway with raised, landscaped medians; providing two vehicle lanes, a bicycle lane, and a sidewalk in each direction; widening the existing bridge over the Alafia River; upgrading the existing traffic signals at Glenhaven Drive, Rosemead Lane, and Bloomingdale Avenue; adding a new traffic signal at Starwood Avenue; enhancing pedestrian safety features, including upgrades to comply with current ADA regulations and improving stormwater drainage. This project will allow the facility to better accommodate growth and traffic volume and will increase the overall mobility along Bell Shoals Road while maximizing safety along the corridor. 


HW Lochner 


Hillsborough County, FL


  • Major Roadway Drainage Features 

  • Significant MPT

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