BES INC NEWS: Central Florida Office Opens
BES INC NEWS: North Florida Office Opens
BES INC NEWS: Recent Staff Additions

In August 2018, BES Inc opened a branch office in Tallahassee, Florida to better serve our clients throughout Florida.

The BES Inc Team is currently expanding. We've added several new engineers and support staff to our team within the past year. Information on current openings can be accessed through our Contact Form.

The following team members have joined BES recently:

BES Inc has opened a branch office in Winter Haven, Florida as of January 2020.


Monaem, BES's Senior Project Engineer, joined BES in September 2020. Monaem’s prior practice includes marketing, pursuing projects, writing proposals, and leading and growing CEI Teams in his previous work positions. He worked with FDOT District Five for over 10 years, coming up through the ranks as DOT Inspector, Senior Inspector, Lead Inspector, then went to the admin side  CSS, then to PA and PM during which time he developed the work program for one of its Operations Center. He has led the FDOT Construction and Maintenance groups, managed FDOT roadway and bridge projects, and supervised and managed Government and Consultant staff. His project experience includes road widening, bridge construction and rehabilitation, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), asphalt and concrete pavement, landscaping, drilled shafts and pile driving, cantilever and full truss installation, dynamic message signs (DMS), drainage improvement, trail and recreational parks, and utility projects. He worked on a variety of projects including lump sum (LS), plan quantity (PQ), pay item (PI), design-build (DB), Lap Projects (LP), and Joint Participation Agreement (JPA).


Troy joined BES in August 2020. Troy has a strong background in Asphalt Production and Paving as his group was responsible for acceptance of all Roadway and Sidewalk projects in both Districts One and Seven while at the FDOT. He was District Bituminous Supervisor at FDOT from April 2013 to February 2019.


He served as a Project Administrator during the Construction Phase of the Department's PE Training program on the Harden Road / Sikes Blvd project in 2008 in conjunction with Kirby Radford. 

Troy is experienced in Asphalt Roadway Paving Issue Prevention and Resolution, Asphalt Plant Production, Scheduling of IA/IV/VT Staff and Review of Asphalt Mix Designs, and Review of Roadway Plans for Asphalt Paving Phase I to Final Plans.


Zuhair joined BES in May 2020. She has three years of experience in transportation and traffic engineering, transportation planning, GIS, transportation safety, statistics, PD&E Studies, and Travel Demand Modeling.


She worked in FDOT District Five as a Roadway Designer and has prior experience as a Transportation Engineer.


She is bilingual (Arabic and English) and is proficient in MicroStation, OpenRoads Designer, ITE Trip Generation, ArcGIS, SYNCHRO, and CITILABS's CUBE.


Charles joined BES in April 2020. Charles has over 16 years of experience in traffic engineering. He has provided roadway and bridge construction inspection services for various FDOT and municipal projects. Charles has been involved in roadway and bridge construction as follows: embankment, subgrade, base, asphalt paving operations, sub-soil excavation and documentation, MSE wall construction, substructure and superstructure construction, water and sewer line installation, storm sewer construction and installation, pre-cast and CIP box culverts construction and installation, sectional pipe lining, ARMI crack-relief layer, MOT operations, rip-rap rubble and slope pavement operations, signage and pavement markings, high-mast lighting, and overhead cantilever signage.

Charles  has experience with the implementation of AASHTO, FDOT, and municipality design standards. He has a proficient understanding of engineering principles and procedures for transportation design and analysis. Charles is proficient with software that aids in the efficient design and production of roadway plans and traffic analysis. He is on track to get his Professional Engineering license in October 2020.


Evan joined BES in February 2020. He is an Engineering Technician with 25 years of Transportation Engineering and Design experience. He has a strong background in design and inspections. This position requires specialized skills in the realm of transportation design, mathematics, graphics, and computer technology. It includes, but is not limited to, analyzing field data, roadway design, sectional data, integrations with FDOT standards, and developing computer assisted drawings to document the work.

Evan is experienced in the development of exhibits for Public Outreach and Workshops, has designed and inspected many County and City Road Projects, and is experienced in production of Roadway, Signalization, Signing and Pavement Marking (SAPM), Lighting, and Maintenance of Traffic Plans.

Evan is competent using multiple software packages, such as MicroStation SS4 with GEOPAK, AutoCad 2020, and ARC GIS.

BES INC NEWS: Recent Project Wins

BES Inc has recently been awarded the following projects:

Florida Department of Transportation - District 7 - SR 44 from E of W. Norvell Bryant Hwy. to W of N. Lopp Pt.

BES was selected as a Prime Consultant by the Florida Department of Transportation to perform design services for SR 44 in Citrus County. The purpose of this RRR project is to preserve and extend the life of the existing pavement through milling and resurfacing, bringing ADA features into conformance, and performing general safety modification work.

Hernando County - Elgin Boulevard Sidewalk LAP

BES was selected as a Prime Consultant by Hernando County to provide engineering services for Elgin Boulevard from Deltona Boulevard to Mariner Boulevard. BES is providing Engineering and Permitting Services to construct a 2.5-mile-long concrete sidewalk along the south side of Elgin Boulevard in Spring Hill.  We will provide 60%, 100%, and Final plans along with the LAP specification package, with each submittal having an Engineer's Estimate. We will be placing the sidewalk, designing for ADA compliance and pedestrian visibility, and reconstructing driveways where necessary. Right-of-Way encroachments, off-tracking, sidewalk connectivity, steepness of grades, drainage, and utility coordination will all be taken into account. BES is teamed with subconsultant CivilSurv. 

Florida Department of Transportation - District 2: SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard) Signal Rebuild

BES Inc was selected as a Prime Consultant by FDOT District 2 for this signal rebuild project. BES is tasked with developing plans for reconstruction of existing traffic signals on SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard) at Kingman Avenue, Holmesdale Road, San Mateo Avenue, Linden Avenue, Art Museum Drive, St. Elmo Drive, and Bartram Road intersections in Jacksonville. Improvements include one signal head with a retro-reflective yellow backplate per lane, 4-section flashing yellow arrows for left turns where applicable, internally illuminated signs, intersection and pedestrian lighting, and ADA-compliant pedestrian curb ramps/crossings and pedestrian signals. Clearance timings will be updated per ITE and Traffic Engineering Manual standards. With replacement of the cabinets, the proposed traffic signal controllers will be integrated into the existing JEA fiber system network via cable drops to the existing JEA demark boxes. Existing ITS equipment will be relocated or replaced with like equipment as part of this signal upgrade project.

Florida Department of Transportation - District 1: SR 549 (First Street) Complete Street Project

BES Inc was selected as a Prime Consultant for FDOT District 1 for a design contract intended to extend the City of Winter Haven's downtown streetscaping to a one-mile section of SR 549 from Central Avenue to Avenue O. Aesthetic treatments for the streetscaping initially requested were not justifiable under the State budget, so this work involves updating the corridor to current FDOT and ADA standards within funding limits so as to allow the City to streetscape the facility as their funding allows in the future, as well as fulfilling their Comprehensive Plan goals as a multi-modal, environmentally sound facility. Extending the life of the existing pavement is considered secondary to completing the streetscape as envisioned, as well as enhancing pedestrian and vehicle safety. BES Inc's intention is to provide access management improvements, address sidewalk and ADA issues, adjust design to accommodate bicycles in conformance with the Complete Streets design concept, considering right-of-way needs, reviewing pavement analysis/recommendations and applying cross-slope correction, identifying design variations and exceptions, handling public involvement, and accommodating driveway modifications, drainage issues, environmental permits, and transit.

CEI Services for Bell Shoals Road Improvements

In October 2018, BES Inc was part of the team that was awarded a large Hillsborough County widening project. BES Inc is a subconsultant to HW Lochner, providing CEI management services, roadway and ITS/Signalization inspection, and field materials testing. The project involves widening Bell Shoals Road from a two-lane roadway to a divided four-lane roadway with raised, landscaped medians; providing two vehicle lanes, a bicycle lane, and a sidewalk in each direction; widening the existing bridge over the Alafia River; upgrading the existing traffic signals at Glenhaven Drive, Rosemead Lane, and Bloomingdale Avenue; adding a new traffic signal at Starwood Avenue; enhancing pedestrian safety features, including upgrades to comply with current ADA regulations; and improving stormwater drainage.

This project will allow the facility to better accommodate growth and traffic volume and will increase the overall mobility along Bell Shoals Road, while maximizing safety along the corridor. This is a $65 million project, with $5 million for design.


Hillsborough County Small Business: Miscellaneous Traffic Engineering Services, Small Business Enterprise (SBE) 


BES is one of the firms selected to provide technical support for traffic investigations and operational improvement projects on a Task Work Order basis. Services include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Traffic operational and safety studies

  • Signal Warrants

  • Small traffic control, signing and pavement marking project design, plans, and specifications

  • Traffic infrastructure and safety program development and updating

  • Preparation of graphs, exhibits, and presentation exhibits

  • Traffic design plans preparation and review

Tampa Road from Tampa Road/Curlew Road to St. Petersburg Drive


In May 2017, BES Inc was awarded the Tampa Road project in FDOT District 7.

SR 584/SR 580/Tampa Road from Tampa Road/Curlew Road to St. Petersburg Drive is an Urban Minor Arterial and an Urban Principal Arterial on the State Highway System. The project is located within the urban buffer limits of the City of Oldsmar and Pinellas County. Improvements will include milling and resurfacing, excluding the recently resurfaced railroad (R/R) crossing (626845-A) under FP ID 427496-1-52-01, converting the existing Sunflower Drive full median opening to a bi-directional median opening, converting Bayview Boulevard N. median opening to an eastbound directional opening, replacing sidewalks where deficient, filling in sidewalk gaps where existing right of way is available, and upgrading to ADA curb ramps to meet current ADA standards.

The existing corridor has four-foot bicycle lanes from R/R crossing to the end of the project; evaluate restriping of the lanes to accommodate five-foot bicycle lanes within the existing pavement by reducing the travel lanes to eleven-foot lanes. BES will obtain approval from the Department to implement this re-striping.


BES will add a signalized pedestrian crossing to the east leg of Shady Oaks drive intersection and to the west leg at Pine Avenue. We will remove the existing crossing and sidewalk at the SR 580 intersection and construct a crosswalk with pedestrian signals and ramps parallel to SR 584/SR 580/Tampa Road across the two SR 580 left-turn lanes. The sidewalk will continue along the edge of SR 584/SR 580/Tampa Road, then south in the median to eastbound SR 580.


Archer Road Trail: SR 24 (Archer Road) Multi-Use Path from SW 75th Terrace to SW 41st Boulevard


In January 2017, BES Inc was awarded the Archer Road Trail project in FDOT District 2, Alachua County.


BES reported to FDOT Project Manager Leigh Ann Bennett to provide roadway analysis, roadway plans, drainage analysis, drainage plans, utility coordination, environmental permitting, signing and pavement marking analysis/plans, and signalization analysis for a multi-use trail along Archer Road from SW 75th Terrace to SW 41st Boulevard. The SR 24 Multi-Use Path was to function as a 2.41-mi bi-directional shared use path (SUP) consisting of a 10’ wide asphalt pavement with 1’ wide unpaved shoulders that meets ADA criteria. The SUP was planned to cross three (3) signalized intersections, six (6) paved side streets, seven (7) paved driveways, fifteen (15) unpaved driveways and a recently constructed Dollar General sidewalk. The signalized and stop-controlled side street road crossings was carefully designed with enhanced features for pedestrian and cyclist safety.


The signalized crossings will include high emphasis crosswalks and upgrades to pedestrian signals and appropriate signage. The Department is currently in coordination with Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) about utilizing their right-of-way for construction of the SUP. The SUP will begin at the SW 75th Terrace intersection, where the existing SUP terminates. The SUP will then parallel SR 24 (Archer Ave) within the GRU ROW until it terminates at the signalized SW 41st Blvd. intersection. The GRU ROW varies between 60 and 75 feet wide. This relatively flat corridor is laden with above ground and underground utilities, including 230KV overhead power lines supported by 23 90-foot tall power poles. GRU also has 12,470 Volt overhead distribution lines supported by 54 wood poles within the project limits. Other underground utilities include natural gas, sanitary sewer, potable and reclaimed water, COX Cable, AT&T telephone and fiber optic transmission.


Eight (8) existing Gainesville Regional Transit System (RTS) bus stops for Route 75 are located along the southside of SR 24. Connectivity between these 8 bus stops and the SUP will be provided as the RTS buses have bike racks. This proposed SUP will connect to the existing 7.2-mile-long SUP so that the town of Archer in southwest Alachua County will be connected to the City of Gainesville. Although no motorized traffic will be permitted on the trail, special design considerations will provide vehicle access for emergency response and (GRU) maintenance purposes. The SUP horizontal alignment within the GRU ROW will meet minimum offset distances from poles, towers, and guy anchors for safety. Design criteria from PPM Section 8.6 will be followed during the design of the SUP. The factors affecting the SUP vertical alignment include: ADA requirements, existing ground and pavement elevations. Overhead and underground utilities intermix with the proposed SUP. A minimum of 4’ offset from the SUP to facilities is required. Current ADA Standards for Transportation Facilities will also be implemented. Design Variations and/or Exceptions are not anticipated but may be utilized to avoid expensive utility relocations or ROW takings without sacrificing safety.