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BES was part of the team providing CEI services for the $35 million, 3.5-mile Bruce B. Downs (CR 581) Segment A roadway reconstruction. The project consisted of widening the four-lane rural roadway to an eight-lane urban section. Scope of work included Intelligent Transportation System and Signals CEI service. Seven signals were replaced and five CCTV cameras were added. Our team provided Construction Engineering, 

assuming responsibility for monitoring and documenting the construction of the signalization and ITS systems in accordance with the project plan and specifications. CEI services include administration, on-site inspection, review of project submittals, monitoring, testing, and reviewing testing results. BES's construction engineer provided ITS inspection support as needed to support the Contractor’s traffic engineer and served as a liaison between the County’s traffic engineering staff and the City of Tampa’s traffic operations staff. BES ensured non-interruption by the Contractor of the existing traffic management in the corridor during construction, including the fiber optic interconnect between traffic signals. Our staff was also required to provide input on troubleshooting needed during implementation and final acceptance of the ITS system and provide coordination with CEI Staff, County Staff, City Staff, and EOR to ensure changes approved by the County and City were seamlessly integrated into the existing ITS and MOT plans. The Construction Engineer also monitored miscellaneous drilled shaft construction operations to ensure compliance with plans, specifications, and prepared drilled shaft logs.


Hillsborough County Public Works


Hillsborough, FL


  • Complex Intelligent Transportation and Signals System

  • Major Roadway 

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