CEI Services for Bell Shoals Road Improvements

BES Inc is a subconsultant to HW Lochner, providing CEI management services, roadway and ITS/Signalization inspection, and field materials testing. The project involves widening Bell Shoals Road from a two-lane roadway to a divided four-lane roadway with raised, landscaped medians; providing two vehicle lanes, a bicycle lane, and a sidewalk in each direction; widening the existing bridge over the Alafia River; upgrading the existing traffic signals at Glenhaven Drive, Rosemead Lane, and Bloomingdale Avenue; adding a new traffic signal at Starwood Avenue; enhancing pedestrian safety features, including upgrades to comply with current ADA regulations; and improving stormwater drainage.

SR 549 (First Street) Complete Streets Design from Central Avenue to Avenue O

BES Inc is providing design services to FDOT District One in the City of Winter Haven, assisting them with their vision of updating the corridor to current FDOT and ADA standards within funding limits so as to allow the City to streetscape the facility as their funding allows in the future, fulfilling their Comprehensive Plan goals as a multi-modal, environmentally sound facility. 

Wekiva 3B (SR 46 & US 441) ITS Plans


BES is preparing contract plans to install ITS devices along the SR 46 and US 441 corridor in Lake County, FDOT District Five as part of interchange improvements and widening of the roadways. ITS devices include cameras, MVDS and DMS signs. Coordination was required with the adjacent project to the east as the contracts are to be let together. Coordination with Lake County was also required as the ITS system provided drop cables and splices for the Lake County traffic signals.  

I-295 Express Lanes

BES Inc is providing the lighting design for the widening of I-295 from the Buckman Bridge to west of the I-95 interchange. High mast lighting at the San Jose Boulevard, Old Saint Augustine Road, and I-95 interchanges were retained. Between these interchanges, roadside conventional lighting was used. The lighting design also includes underdeck lighting using pendant wall-mounts due to the widening of the interchange bridges. Lighting circuits were made available to accommodate any necessary sign lighting. The project length was 8 miles.

County Road 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) CEI (Federally Funded Local Agency Program)  

BES is providing construction engineering, assuming responsibility for monitoring and documenting the construction of the signalization and ITS systems in accordance with the project plan and specifications. This project involves the widening and reconstruction of CR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) from south of Bearss Avenue to South of Palm Springs Boulevard to widen and reconstruct the existing roadway from four to eight lanes and add signalization and ITS improvements.


CEI services include administration, onsite inspection, review of project submittals, monitoring testing, and reviewing testing results. BES's construction engineer is providing ITS inspection support as needed to support the Contractor’s traffic engineer and is serving as a liaison between the County’s traffic engineering staff and the City of Tampa’s traffic operations staff.


Responsibilities include verifying that the Contractor does not interrupt the existing active traffic management in the corridor during construction, including the fiber optic interconnect between traffic signals, providing input on troubleshooting needed during implementation and final acceptance of the ITS system, coordination with CEI Staff, County Staff, City Staff, and EOR to ensure changes approved by the County and City were seamlessly integrated into the existing ITS and MOT plans. The construction engineer also monitors miscellaneous drilled shaft construction operations to ensure compliance with plans, specifications, and prepared drilled shaft logs.

State Road 145 (Perry St) from SR 30 (US 98) to SR 85 (Eglin Parkway)


BES is providing draining engineering services for the roadway milling and resurfacing improvements for this project. New sidewalks are being evaluated and designed for connectivity where it currently does not exist on the project. Additional improvements include drainage improvements to meet the ADA requirements. BES is coordinating stormwater permitting requirements with the NWFWMD and is the engineer responsible for the design and permitting of this project.

State Road 399 (Pensacola Boulevard)


BES is providing improvements consisting of milling and resurfacing at SR 30 (US 98) to the limits of state maintenance in Santa Rosa County. The project also includes ADA improvements along with safety improvement under the practical design guidelines. BES is coordinating stormwater permitting requirement with the NWFWMD. BES is the engineer responsible for the design and permitting of this project.

SR 45 at SR 20 Signalization Upgrade


In the City of High Springs, Alachua County, Florida, FDOT District Two, BES is preparing traffic signal re-looping plans due to the resurfacing of SR 45 through the City of High Springs. Improvements include the re-looping of all four intersection legs along with pedestrian signals and detectors to comply with ADA requirements. 

State Road 574 (Reynolds Street) From E. of Turkey Creek Road to W. Of Thonotosassa Road


BES Inc is providing drainage engineering services for the bridge widening over Spartmen Branch Creek. BES is modeling the hydraulics analysis using the SWMM and preparing a Bridge Hydraulics Report in accordance with FDOT design criteria. BES is coordinating stormwater permitting requirements with Hillsborough County and SWFWMD. BES is the responsible engineer for the design and permitting of the bridge hydraulics design as a subconsultant to SRD, Inc. BES designed using ICPR Version 3 and SWMM-5 of a dual-pedestrian bridge crossing Spartman Branch to meet the existing 100-year design high water elevations. FEMA, HCDPW, & SWFWMD permit approvals by others.

US 41 from Bullfrog Creek to Denver Street 

This 5-mile urban arterial in Hillsborough County is being rehabilitated. BES Inc is providing design services for Maintenance of Traffic, Lighting, Signalization, Signing and Pavement Marking. Improvements include the reconstruction of the pavement at two major signalized intersections from asphalt to concrete. The Maintenance of Traffic plans involve detours, lane shifts and temporary signals. Coordination with other projects (including upgrades to RR crossings) are on-going to ensure an efficient design. Concrete pavement will be constructed at two signalized intersections (US 41/Pendola Point Road and US41/Port Sutton Road) by the Port of Tampa. There are significant detours, lane shifts associated with the intersection reconstruction. LED street lighting will be provided from Riverview Drive to Denver Street. Crosswalk lighting will be upgraded to 2016 FDOT Standards. The signal at Gibsonton will be reconstructed.

Belcher Road at SR 60


BES Inc is reevaluating the traffic analysis at Belcher Road & SR 60 intersection in March, 2017 median modifications to accommodate extended queues. Modifications were considered for the Build-1 Alternative traffic conditions in 2037, such as closing the median on S. Main Ave (West side of the intersection along SR 60), closing the medians on 1st St and Landry Ave (East side of the intersection along SR 60), and choosing between removing a signal/closing the median, converting to a bi-directional median opening, or retaining the signal and coordinating with the signal at SR 60 for the Walmart-Publix entrance & S. Belcher Rd. signalized intersection (South side of the intersection along S Belcher Rd). The purpose of the traffic analysis was to evaluate the Build-1 Alternative traffic conditions at the intersection for the design year 2037 with the proposed median modifications. Existing traffic volumes were collected as a part of traffic data collection efforts for medians/signalized intersections.

FTE HEFT Widening NW 57th Avenue to Miramar Parkway


The Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike (HEFT) is being widened to eight lanes (three (3) General Use Lanes (GUL) and one (1) Express Lane (EL) in each direction) from NW 57th Avenue to Miramar. BES Inc is developing Signal, Signing and Pavement Marking Plans for this project and providing Quality Control Services for Lighting and ITS Plans. Intersection improvements to increase operation and capacity at each of the ramp intersections with Red Road/NW 57th Avenue and University Drive/SW 27th Avenue are also included. BES personnel also provided review of SAPM and Signal plans.
SR 579/Fletcher Avenue from Florida Avenue to Nebraska Avenue


For this resurfacing project, BES Inc is developing contract plans. A median opening is being modified and ground mounted cantilever signs are being added. 

2016 Mobility Fee Update Study

BES is analyzing the adopted transportation plan and generating information from the Central Florida Regional Planning Model relative to travel demands and growth forecasts for different City Mobility Fee districts within the City of Orlando. BES's tasks include Coding City Mobility Fee Districts into the CFRPM6 model network and TAZ file, with Jurisdictional responsibility for roads, summarizing growth forecasts of MetroPlan, summarizing Lynx transit networks/service levels, executing various select-zone assignments using CFRPM6 model, collecting and analyzing road construction costs from FDOT and Orange County.

Hillsborough County General Engineering Contract

BES employee Charles Chiappone was contracted through Hillsborough County Public works in their Technical Services Division as a roadway and constructability reviewer for various County roadway and Drainage construction projects.

Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority (THEA) Trail Lighting


This project involves analysis of the existing street and pedestrian lights in downtown Tampa and identify deficiencies and recommendations. The study was evaluated utilizing various alternatives for wattages, heights and bracket arms and was based on FDOT lighting design criteria. The project goal was to determine the effect of relocating a street light pole and adding additional street light poles in areas required to meet the lighting criteria. The analyses for the lighting photometric were performed using Lighting Analysts Illumination Engineering program by AGi32.


I-75 Landscape Project

This project includes a temporary traffic control plan for landscape being placed at the interchange of I-75 and SR 50 in Hernando County. Work zones and access areas were identified to enable the appropriate implementation of MOT during operations.

Orlando Sidewalk Cost Estimate

This project consists of providing a construction cost estimate for the proposed Downtown Connector Trail for the City of Orlando. The cost estimate was necessary to ascertain the level of funding needed to deliver the project. A field review was conducted to determine where the trail will be placed and what the impacts will be on landscaping, utilities, drainage, lighting, etc.

Sarasota Red Light Running Cameras

This project consists of redesigning the City of Sarasota’s red light camera system in conjunction with the City’s vendor RedSpeed. Plans are being developed based on pole locations and specifications provided by RedSpeed. 

I-95 Landscape Project

This project consists of developing the temporary traffic control plan for a landscape project at five interchanges along I-95 in Volusia County. 

SR 584 from Tampa Road to St. Pete Drive Project

BES is preparing plans, specifications, supporting engineering analysis, & calculations for improvements to mill and resurface roadway; reduce travel lanes to 11 feet to accommodate 5-foot bicycle lanes; convert the existing Sunflower Drive and Emerald Bay/Bay Arbor Boulevard full median openings to bi-directional median openings; convert the Bayview Boulevard N. median opening to an eastbound directional opening; replace deficient sidewalks at 196 locations; fill in sidewalk gaps; upgrade curb ramps to meet current ADA standards; add new signalized pedestrian crossings at the east leg of Shady Oaks Drive intersection and the west leg at Pine Avenue; remove existing crossing and sidewalk at the SR 580 intersection, and construct a crosswalk with pedestrian signals and ramps parallel to SR 584/SR 580/Tampa Road across the two SR 580 left-turn lanes. The drainage system improvements include chemical grout repair at three (3) inlets; removing and replacing existing gutter at two (2) locations; removing and replacing existing handrail at 19 locations to improve pedestrian safety; and repairing pipes at two (2) locations from the Storm Drain Video Inspection.