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BES is a Consulting Engineering firm serving private and public sector clients with integrated planning, engineering and construction management services to furnish high-quality deliverables within budget and time constraints. BES operates on the business principle that its clients’ service and satisfaction are our Number One Priority.

BES' successful management approach is based on strong personal attention and presence, high level of discretion, and professional integrity. Each client and each project is unique for us. We never lose sight of our clients’ goals and the importance of working together to best achieve the objectives through innovative and cost-effective solutions for every challenge.


BES offers all the essential resources and skilled professionals to effectively deliver on our promise to provide first-class service on a wide range of engineering disciplines. We understand the importance of communication and collaboration—both internally among our competent management and technical professionals, and externally by developing bonds and partnering with our clients.



BES is a fully certified Disadvantaged and Minority Business Enterprise (DBE/MBE) with all major Federal, Florida, Connecticut and Rhode Island State and Local Agencies.  The firm is also a SDB with the Federal Government. 


We are pleased to announce that BES is a Pre-Qualified Consultant for 2023 with the Connecticut Department of Transportation

in the following categories:

  •    Bridge and Structure Design

  •    Bridge and Structures Inspection

  •    Construction Engineering and Inspection (Roads and Bridges)   

  •    Highway Design

  •    Traffic and Safety Engineering

BES continues to be Pre-Qualified by the Florida Department of Transportation in the following groups:

3.1    Minor Highway Design 
3.2    Major Highway Design 
3.3    Controlled Access Highway Design
6.1    Traffic Engineering Studies Group 
6.2    Traffic Signal Timing
6.3.1  ITS Analysis and Design Group 
6.3.2  ITS Implementation
6.3.3  Traffic Engineering Systems Communication
7.1     Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
7.2     Lighting
7.3     Signalization
10.1   Construction Engineering Inspection

10.3   Construction Materials Inspection
13.5   Subarea/Corridor Planning Group 
13.6   Land Planning/Engineering Group 
13.7   Transportation Statistics

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