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BES is preparing plans, specifications, supporting engineering analyses and calculations for improvements to mill and resurface the roadway; to reduce travel lanes to 11 feet to accommodate 5-foot bicycle lanes; to convert the existing Sunflower Drive and Emerald Bay/Bay Arbor Boulevard full median openings to bi-directional median openings; to convert the Bayview Boulevard North median opening to an eastbound directional opening; replace deficient sidewalks at 196 locations; fill in sidewalk gaps; upgrade curb ramps to meet current ADA standards; add new signalized pedestrian crossings at the east leg of the Shady Oaks Drive intersection and the west leg at Pine Avenue; remove existing crossing and sidewalk at the SR 580 intersection; and construct a crosswalk with pedestrian signals and ramps parallel to SR 584/SR 580/Tampa Road across the two SR 580 left-turn lanes. The drainage system improvements include chemical grout repair at three (3) inlets; removing and replacing existing gutter at two (2) locations; removing and replacing existing handrail at 19 locations to improve pedestrian safety; and repairing pipes at two (2) locations from the Storm Drain Video Inspection.


Florida Department of Transportation, District Seven


Pinellas County, FL


  • Conversion of Median Openings

  • ADA Compliance 

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